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We are the best Web Design/Software Development Company in the Middle Belt Nigeria. Our Web designers and Software developers help businesses and schools create effective online presence that support their growth. Do feel free to contact us here to get started.


We build websites that promote businesses online and connect them with the right prospects for patronage.

Digital Marketing

We make selling products & services and receiving payment online easy through eCommerce.

Cloud Service

Our Web hosting services that help businesses stay online 24/7 is Top Notch Contact us today to get started.

About Services

Providing brilliant ideas for your business

Building Websites, School websites, School Management Systems, E-Commerce Sites are our parament specialty. And we are keen to give your business and Schools best online Presence

Let us show you the power of marketing communication.

We Help your esterblaishment experience insane web presence and gather advanced presence

Featured Service

Thinking, Making, Results

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Graphics Design

we add Aesthatics to the content we create, Hence our graphics design team is readily avialable to serve your business.

Website Development

When you employ our services, Be rest assured that your website, School Management system, SEO, and Softwares are our specialty.


In Order to meet our desired resources to appeal the public, we employ our experienced team of photographers to give you the best.

Online Marketing

In addition to the above, we equally provide you with strong online presence, marketing and reach via our SEO experts.

App Development

Do you have that idea, we would turn it into a software and equally link it to your web.

Cloud Service

To make sure our services are top notch, employ standard and fast, sequred, We employed the most trusted Web cloud Hosting company for your businesses.

We are not only better, but we are also the best in the advertisement.

What is a business without advertisement? we are keen on sharing your Business, School or any Establishment to the world to draw in huge traffic and increase patronage.

Awesome Project

Key for your brand Communication

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Why Choose Us

Tailored to your Needs

Our Services are keenly tailored to meet your everyday needs, contact us today so we can start the journey with you!

Professional Service

We deliver professional Website Designs, E-Commerce Websites and School Management Systems.

Professional Service

Our mission is to deliver Professional Services that would solve and improve your business and institutional Needs.
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Customer Support

Our Customer support System are swift and ready to answer your Needs.

Customer Support

Our Lines are very much avialable at your beck and call, with our expertise, we will solve every problem you bring..
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Customer Care

With Urgent responses, we are a phone call away from you!

Customer Care

call us today @+234-7067616451/+234-9050665588 or send us a mail at support@dumaz.com.ng
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